Rock Johnson Foundation Lucky Draw August 2023

Dwayne Rock Johnson Foundation Lucky Draw 2023

A thrilling chance to fulfill ambitions is promised by the Rock Johnson Foundation Lucky Draw 2023. The renowned Rock Johnson Foundation, which is well-known for its unshakable dedication to philanthropy and uplifting communities all around the world, is responsible for organizing this exceptional draw, as the name suggests.

There are countless options! In addition to having a chance at these incredible experiences, participating in this spectacular event will directly support the charity projects supported by The Rock Johnson Foundation. So take advantage of this rare chance, and get ready for a journey that will transform lives and affect more than just your own!


Rock Johnson Foundation Lucky Draw Procedure

We have a comprehensive procedure for the announcement of lucky winners for every rock johnson foundation lucky draw. For our lottery schemes we follow a systematic way of selecting winners for lottery. Here is a overview of Rock Johnson Foundation Lucky draw procedure.

  • First of a registration process is started every month for the registration of candidates for upcoming lucky draw.
  • Secondly, the eligibility of candidates is checked for lucky draw.
  • Then in the mid of every month, a lucky draw is conducted by Rock Johsnon Foundation.
  • After this, Top three lucky winners are announced through media channels.
  • A complete list of winners is also published on official website of Rock Johnson Foundation.

Top 3 Lucky Winners by Rock Johnson Foundation


The current Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Winner 2023 is Mr. Ravinder Kumar, according to reports from Mr. Dwayne Rock Johnson. He won a sizable sum of USD 17000 from the Rock Johnson Foundation lucky draw 2023 and was given the lottery number 89915; his winner contact number is 778******220. He is an Indian native of Kolkata, West Bengal.

The Rock Johnson Lottery Winner List and the 2023 Lottery List of Winners List have both been updated on this website. Please contact us if you need further details. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about this list. Contact Rock Johnson by calling +1-707-998-8289, a toll-free number. The Rock Johnson Foundation has granted an official license to use this number. Please call the corporate office right away to express your gratitude.

Rock Johnson Foundation Lucky Draw Winner List August 2023

  • Mr. Rajiv Kumar Yadav winnings total USD 100,000. His winning lottery number was 8991.
  • Mr. Joseph winnings were 50,000 USD Lottery Number: 5478 WhatApp: 796*032.
  • The winning number for Ms. Tania Kanwal lottery was 4478, and her WhatsApp number is 875*325.
  • Mr. Sanjay’s winning number was 7860, and his WhatsApp number was 993745.
  • Mr. Aslam Chohan’s winnings were 50,000 US dollars. His winning lottery number was 1122.
  • The winning amount for Ms. Shriya Radav was 50,000 USD. Her WhatsApp number was 748012.
  • Mr. Ashok Ramay’s prize money was USD 50,000. Whatsapp Number 885859. Lottery Number 89910.

Need Help? Call Rock Official WhatsApp Numbers

Please call the support line if you’re interested in enrolling in the Favorite Hero Dwayne Rock Johnson WhatsApp 2023 Winning Lottery Programme to receive the satisfaction you deserve. Players who use these support numbers are more likely to win the Rock Johnson lottery in 2023. Who should you speak with to learn how to check the results of the lottery, what to track, and what not to track? I want to find out what I ought to leave. It is crucial to get in touch with assistance during business hours. There’s just one source.


Authentic Rock Johnson’s Live Support Numbers

  • Call the Rock Johnson corporate office at +1-707-998-8289.
  • Call the Rock Johnson Head Helpline at +1-707-998-8289.
  • Call the Rock Johnson Foundation at +1-707-998-8289.
  • The WhatsApp number for the Rock Johnson Foundation’s main office is +1-707-998-8289

Official Number for Rock Johnson Lucky Draw Winners

The Rock Johnson Foundation Head Office Contact Number is always available to help and ease the lives of lottery enthusiasts. Your one-stop shop for all of your problem-solving requirements is the Rock Johnson Foundation Head Office Number. Do you need help with your problems, such as fake WhatsApp messages or calls related to the Rock Johnson Foundation lottery? Everything is in working order. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery 2023.

The Rock Johnson Foundation World’s Most Favorite Lottery

Those who have been fortunate enough to win the lottery run by the Dwayne Rock Johnson Foundation will be included on the eagerly awaited Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Winner 2023 List. Those who have played the lottery and are eager to learn if they are among the fortunate winners find this list to be a source of excitement and intrigue.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a well-known actor and philanthropist, founded the Rock Johnson Foundation to advance several social causes. One such program is the annual lottery, where players have the opportunity to win significant rewards while aiding significant philanthropic projects.
The publication of the Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Winner 2023 List is significant for both the lottery winners and people who are interested in finding out how this charitable event turned out. It lists the names of those who were chosen as winners and offers them possibilities that could change their lives as well as much-deserved recognition.

The list’s release serves as an exciting occasion that might bring delight, expectation, and possibly even unpleasant surprises to people who have been looking forward to it with great anticipation. The Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Winner 2023 List radiates hope because it demonstrates how playing lotteries may improve people’s lives and support important initiatives supported by The Rock Johnson Foundation.

The WhatsApp Helpline number for Dwayne Rock Johnson is +1-707-998-8289.

Keep in mind that any WhatsApp messages coming from numbers starting with +92, +93, or 03 should not be trusted. These con artists are Pakistani. Such con artists pose as employees of the Rock Johnson Foundation. All they want is your money.

Please send us a WhatsApp message if you have any fraud concerns. Sending screenshots of fraudulent texts you’ve received is another option. Such con artists will be subject to legal action by the law.

The official website of the Dwayne Rock Johnson Foundation

The online hub for the group established by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the Rock Johnson Foundation’s official website. This website gives visitors a thorough understanding of the foundation’s goals, programmes, and outcomes.Overall, the Rock Johnson Foundation’s official website is a crucial resource for anyone who want to become involved with and support the organization’s goal of making a real difference in the world through various humanitarian initiatives.


Users can find out more about the numerous projects and programmes that the Rock Johnson Foundation sponsors on its official website. These programmes concentrate on issues like empowerment, health, and education with the goal of improving communities all across the world. On the website, users can look up information about active foundation activities and events. Additionally, they get access to materials and data on opportunities for giving, volunteering, and collaboration.

Additionally, the Rock Johnson Foundation website’s user-friendly layout makes it simple for visitors to browse through the site’s various sections and locate the information they need. It is intended to offer users who are interested in knowing more about this charitable organization a seamless browsing experience.

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