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       Rock Johnson Foundation Complaint Department is the only and authentic way to submit and resolve your Rock Johnson Found related complaints. Don't worry at all. Now you can submit Rock Johnson Foundation complaint without any hesitation. Feel free to contact us!


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    If you are victim of Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Fraud or Scam, submit your complaints here.


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Submit Rock Johnson Foundation Complaints Here

          Are you facing any issue or Rock Johnson fraud? Don’t worry. Now you can submit Rock Johnson Foundation complaints here. Our team will help you in collecting your Rock Johnson Lottery as well as we will take necessary action upon your complaint. Before submitting your complaint make sure you have collected necessary data about scammers.

Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Real or Fake?

                    Due to increase in the popularity of Rock Johnson lottery the scam has increased too. Most of the people finding the answer to the question i.e. Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Real or Fake? The answer to this question is very simple. Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery program is real and authentic. This lottery program is registered by Govt. of India. Rock Johnson Foundation is also registered as non-profitable organization.

                           So there is no doubt about the originality of  Rock Johnson foundation and its lottery program. But some so-called people are using our identity for their so-called purposes. They try to snatch money from innocent people on the name of Rock Johnson Foundation. These are people belong to India as well as Pakistan. So be aware that numbers starting by +92xxxxx or 0092xxxxx are Pakistani numbers used by scammers. 

Rock Johnson Foundation Helpline Number


               For the ease of our customers, we have launched an official Rock Johnson Foundation helpline number. This number is 24/7 available through WhatsApp for our customers. If you need any help about Rock Johnson foundation Lottery just contact us on +91-784-790-6924. It is official number of Rock Johnson customer care service. In order to get any info about Rock Johnson lottery you must contact us through our official number.


How to Submit Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Complaint?

                   Today more than 50 percent people are facing Rock Johnson fraud or they have any other issue about Dwayne Rock Johnson lottery program. For the immediate solution of queries of our respected customers, we have launched an online system for complaint submission. Now you can submit your Rock Johnson Foundation Complaint within in a few seconds. 

2 Ways to Submit Dwayne Rock Lottery Complaints

                 To ensure the ease and safety of our customers, currently we are offering two different ways to submit your Dwayne Rock lottery complaints. Now you have to just call us at our official number +91-784-790-6924 or fill complaint form available on this official website of Rock Johnson foundation. These are the two authentic and official ways for registration of any complaint against Rock Johnson lottery fraud or scam.

  1. First you can submit complaint by calling or through WhatsApp chat on official WhatsApp live support of Rock Johnson Foundation @ +91-784-790-6924.
  2. Second, you will have to visit Rock Johnson foundation official website at Where you will find a complaint form. You can submit by filling out this form.

Complaint Submission via Dwayne Johnson Live WhatsApp Chat Support

 The most effective and fast way to submit way to submit complaint is calling our official helpline number. When you call at our official number our representative will guide your accordingly. To register complaint instantly please follow the steps given below:

  • Make a WhatsApp Call on our official WhatsApp support number @ +91-784-790-6924.
  • Wait till your call is connected to one of our available officer.
  • After connecting, narrate your whole issue to the officer and they will proceed accordingly.
  • Ask for complaint submission to register your complaint.
  • Take a complaint number to follow your complaint in future.              

Register Complaint Online at Rock Johnson Foundation Official Website

                    With the increase in the active number of our customers we have launched an online portal for complaint registration. To submit your complaint through complaint form please follow the following steps:

  • Visit Rock Johnson Foundation official website at
  • Now move towards the Complaint Section.
  • Fill out the Complaint Registration Form and click on submit.                                                       

                                If you face any issue please contact to Rock Johnson Foundation Customer care Service. Our officers will assist you and solve your query as soon as possible. Please be polite to the Customer Care officers.

7 Tips to Avoid Rock Johnson Lottery Scam

                      As everyone knows that Rock Johnson lottery scam is on its peak. How can anyone safe himself from Rock Johnson Lottery Scam? This question is now hitting everyone’s mind. Now a days, everyone is afraid of this huge kind of scam in India. To avoid from this kind of scam you must follow these simple tips.

  1. Always be aware of Scammers working on the name of different lottery programs in India i.e. KBC lottery Program, All India lotto Program or Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery Program.
  2. If you receive any call or message from any unknown number don’t make a call them back.
  3. Some so-called Pakistani are making innocent Indians fool.
  4. Numbers starting with +92 or 0092 are Pakistani Numbers. Don’t believe on these numbers.
  5. Before taking any step, kindly confirm your Rock Johnson lottery either by calling at Rock Johnson Official Number +91-784-790-6924 or visit Rock Johnson Official website at
  6.  For any details please contact our customer care service.
  7. In case of any scam please submit your complaint without wasting any time.
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