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Rock Johnson Foundation Registration

         Good news for every Rock Johnson lover. Rock Johnson Foundation registration is open now. Register with Rock Lottery and win huge prize. Now its very easy to win from Rock Johnson lottery. Rock lottery is just two step ahead.  Registration with us is very simple and easy. Just fill up the form and wait for your registration confirmation from our official team.


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How to register for Rock Johnson Lottery?

                      Registration for Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery is now very easy. In order to facilitate our customers we have made it very simple. If you are willing to register then there is no need of extra effort. Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery is now just three steps ahead from winning huge prize from Dwayne Rock foundation.

3 Simple Steps for Dwayne Rock Johnson Lottery Registration

              Dwayne rock Johnson Lottery registration is open now. Every person who meets eligibility criteria, can register for lottery program by Rock Johnson. For registration just follow these simple and easy steps:

  • First, visit official website of Rock Johnson Foundation that is
  • Second, Click on “Registration” from menu or from drop down menu for mobile devices.
  • Third, fill up the Registration form and Click on “Register Now!” button.

                   Congratulations! You have registered successfully and short confirmation Email will be sent on your Email. Check Your inbox and keep the confirmation email safe for future use. In case you want to correct your information kindly call at Rock Johnson Foundation helpline immediately.

Eligibility Criteria For Rock Johnson Lottery Program


              Dwayne Rock Johnson Lottery Program is for the poor and needy people. Our aim is to support the people living below the poverty line. This program is organized only to support needy children’s and their parents for their bright future. Basic criteria for participation in Rock Johnson Foundation Lottery program is as under:

  • One has sound mind can participate in Rock Johnson lottery program.
  • The participant must have Identity card from local government.
  • He/ She must belong to middle or low class family.
  • Anyone having huge bank balance is not allowed to take part in program.
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