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Kerala Lottery - Kerala State Lotteries

                        The Kerala Lottery is one of the most famous and trusted lottery schemes in India. The Kerala State Lotteries program is one that the Kerala government oversees. It is the first of its kind in India. It is controlled and managed by Government of Kerala. For the financial support of people, it was established by Kerala Government.

                          Kerala Lottery is now a symbol of win for everyone because there are many lottery schemes under Kerala State Lotteries. Some of them are WIN-WIN, Sthree Sakthi, Fifty Fifty, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya etc.These are all types of lottery schemes are under the act of 1998.

Legal State of Kerala Lottery

                           All lottery schemes under the Kerala Lottery are legal. These lottery schemes are controlled and governed by Government of Kerala. All activities, from ticketing to lucky draw are managed and supervised by Government.

                         Kerala State Lotteries are working under the Indian Act of 1998. It has become most popular lottery scheme in Kerala because of its availability and flexible structure. Now Kerala lottery has many customers in every part of Kerala as well as India.

                         For the safety of customers Government of Kerala has banned all private lottery schemes. So be aware of all private or non- official lotteries in India. Always check your Kerala Lottery results from official website of Kerala State lotteries.



Salient Features of Kerala Lottery India

                    Kerala Lottery or Kerala State lotteries was initiated in 1967.The Kerala State Lotteries were introduced by the state government in 1967 after all private lotteries were outlawed. P. K. Kunju, the state’s former finance minister, had the concept that led to the creation of the new department.The plan was launched with the intention of giving individuals work while boosting government revenue without upsetting the public. The department quickly set an example for other Indian states. A lot of other states soon followed suit and launched their own lotteries.

                   There are many feature of Kerala State Lotteries but some of the main features are as:

            • Kerala state Lottery is trusted scheme of lottery in India.
            • It is a secure lottery scheme.
            • Flexible Structure 
            • Wide range of lottery schemes.
            • Tickets of different cost.
            • Huge prizes for high price tickets.
            • Governed by Government of Kerala.
            • Weekly and monthly lucky draws.
            • Bumper lucky draws.
            • Seasonal lucky draws.

Various Types of Kerala State Lotteries

                           The Kerala State Lottery Department now runs seven weekly lotteries. Every day at 3:00 PM, the draw is held at Gorky Bhavan, next to Bakery Junction in Thiruvananthapuram.

                              Everyday a lucky draw is conducted by lottery department and then results are announced for winners. To check lucky draw results visit the official website of Kerala State Lotteries.

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Kerala Lottery Schedule

              Here is the complete lucky draw schedule of Keral State Lotteries. You can check your name or ticket number in latest lucky draw according this schedule.

        • Win-Win – Monday
        • Dhanasree– Tuesday
        • Akshaya – Wednesday
        • Pratheeksha– Thursday
        • Bhagyanidhi – Friday
        • Karunya – Saturday
        • Pournami – Sunday

Check Kerala Lottery Results Online

                            Do you want to check your Kerala Lottery results online? If yes, then don’t worry at all because now you can check it online. To check Kerala Lotteries results online, follow the instructions here:

        • First of all, Visit Kerala Lotteries’ official website to view the results.
        •  From the navigation menu, select the name of the lottery you want to check.
        • A web page will now open, displaying a table containing the date and results of the draw.
        • Click the date or name of the lottery you want to check the results for here.
        • The page containing the lottery results now appears.
        • Carefully review the outcomes now.

                            If you want to check the winning statistics of the Kerala lottery for the past years, then you are at the right place. You just go to the winning statistics page and analyze the table provided on the page. The winning statistics page contains the total number of district-wise prize distribution for weekly and Bumper lotteries.

                           But the fact is that it doesn’t affect the winning numbers so don’t think it will help you to win the lottery. The lottery draw is purely based on the machine and not according to any personal interest. As well as the winning statistics, the Kerala lottery winning chart for the previous year is also updated on our website. Remember to check it too. The winning chart will show the first prize winning numbers and the district they belong to.

Claim Your Prize Money Online from Kerala Lottery

                            Many winners of Kerala lottery wins are unsure on how to collect their winnings. However, you can download the forms needed to claim the prize from the Kerala State Lotteries directorate , where you can also find all the step-by-step instructions for the prize claim process. After subtracting the Kerala Lottery Agent Commission and Prize Tax, the winners will receive the Prize amount.

Secure Way to Claim Kerala Lottery Prize Online

                     If you are away from our clients or agents, don’t worry at all because now you can claim your Kerala lottery prize online just in a few minutes. We have introduced a super easy and safe way for our customers to get their lottery money without reaching our agents in different cities. To get your lottery, kindly these simple instructions so that you can get your prize money without facing any difficulties.

  • First of all check your lottery from our official website and make sure you have won Kerala Lottery.
  • Secondly, confirm your lottery ticket number and draw number.
  • After checking everything now its time to claim your lottery.
  • Now pick your phone, and make a WhatsApp call to our helpline number.
  • Ask the officer to confirm your lottery.
  • After online confirmation, ask to transfer your lottery money.
  • Our officer will go through necessary process to cash out your lottery.
  • Kindly pay necessary online money transfer charges to get your lottery money.
  • Then your lottery amount will be transferred to your given bank account within a few minutes.
  • If you need any help, get in touch with us at our official helpline numbers.

Buy Kerala Lttery Tickets Online

                             Great news for every Kerala Lottery lover! Now you can buy our lottery tickets from our official website. We have introduced this services for the easiness of our customers. The process to buy your online tickets is super easy and simple. Just visit our official website and visit our portal to buy online tickets for upcoming lucky draws of Kerala State Lotteries.

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